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Screen reader reliability HTML, CSS and ARIA

Last updated: August 31, 2017

Overall reliability of HTML, CSS and ARIA features designed for assistive technology in different screen reader / browser combinations.

The graph only includes results for tests which are expected to work. Expected failures (e.g. missing ALT on an IMG) are not included in the graph.

The solid area in the graph shows percentage of tests that pass in all tested interaction modes. The cross hatched area shows partial passes that only work in some interaction modes. An example of a partial pass is when form labels are read when tabbing, but ignored in browse mode.

JAWS IEJAWS 17.0.2619 with IE1189%
JAWS FirefoxJAWS 17.0.2619 with FF4881%
NVDA IENVDA 2016.2 with IE1174%
NVDA FirefoxNVDA 2016.2 with FF4876%
VoiceOver MacVoiceOver OSX 10.11 with Safari 9.1.275%
VoiceOver iOSVoiceOver iOS 9.1 with Safari iOS 9.167%
WindowEyes IEWindowEyes 9.2 with IE1186%
Dolphin IEDolphin SR 15.05 with IE1171%
SaToGo IESaToGo with IE1156%
Average Including older versions 76%

The average includes all versions, but some browser/AT combinations have tests for multiple versions (NVDA / JAWS / VoiceOver), while others only have tests for a single version (SaToGo and Dolphin).