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System Status

Ticketed support is available from support@powermapper.com

Scheduled Maintenance

No scheduled maintenance is planned


Database Outage - Mar 29, 2019

A failure in the primary data centre triggered failover to the secondary database. Due to a configuration issue the secondary database did not allow connections from app.powermapper.com resulting in login failures. The configuration issue has been corrected and monitoring is being added to check failover configuration.

Scan Delays - Jan 24, 2019

Scans are taking longer than usual currently due to a backlog. Extra capacity has been added to deal with backlog.

Network Issues - North Central US - Nov 06, 2017 19:34 UTC

Some customers experienced delays running scans, and occasional timeouts, due to a data center outage in the North Central US region. Traffic was redirected to a backup region, and most application features remained functional during the outage.

Scheduled Maintenance - Sunday, Oct 08, 2017 07:30 UTC

The web site www.powermapper.com will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes to perform a network upgrade.