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PowerMapper Desktop One click site mapping

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PowerMapper is an automatic site mapping tool for information architects, usability analysts and web developers. It is used in more than 50 countries, by 30% of the Fortune 100, and major organizations like NASA and MIT.

Creating a map is simple: just navigate to your site using the built in web browser, then click Map.

PowerMapper Alloy Map Style

Visual sitemaps

PowerMapper draws maps in a range of useful and attractive styles using thumbnails of each page. Professional Edition also exports Google XML sitemaps and Excel CSVs.

Visual Sitemap - Electrum Map Style
Electrum Map Style
Visual Sitemap - Skyscraper Map Style
Skyscraper Map Style
Visual Sitemap - Page Cloud Map Style
Page Cloud Map Style
Visual Sitemap - Page Stack Style
Page Stack Map Style

Create site maps cost effectively

Creating a site map manually takes hours or days, even for medium size sites. PowerMapper creates site maps automatically with a single click. Ballpark costs to manually create a site map are:

PowerMapper can build a better site map in under 5 minutes for a small fraction of the cost.

Reviews and testimonials

Generating this kind of map of an existing site should be the first step anyone takes when redesigning a site. Steve Krug, Author "Don't Make Me Think"
PowerMapper, its Windows utility for Web designers, has just one function -- creating interactive Web-site maps -- but does that job quickly and very well. InfoWorld

More reviews are available in the reviews section.

Manuals and documentation

More documentation including datasheets, white papers, deployment guides, user guides and the license agreement are available in the technical resources section.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

System requirements

System requirements for PowerMapper Desktop are:

PowerMapper is also available as a web application running in the cloud, which works on any device.

PowerMapper Tablemap Style

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