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HTML 5.0 becomes W3 candidate recommendation

Posted by Mark Rogers on Dec 18, 2012 | 

Web Standards

After 4 years of development HTML 5.0 finally exited draft status and became a W3 Candidate Recommendation on Dec 17, 2012. HTML 5 will now go through the final stages of the W3 standardization process before becoming a full Recommendation in 2014 (the final published standard). The only changes now to HTML 5.0 will be bug fixes, fixing typos and the possible removal of "at risk" features.

New features will be added to the HTML 5.1 draft specification, which is planned to become a Candidate Recommendation in 2014.

At risk features

Some features are deemed at risk features because they don't have two separate, fully working implementations. The list of at risk features includes:

In the event that browser vendors are unable to implement these features as specified, these are likely to be removed from the HTML 5.0 final recommendation.

HTML 5 statistics

Graph: HTML versions in use in December 2012: HTML 5 accounts for over 30% of pages, XHTML 1.0 and 1.1 accounts for 46% of pages and HTML 4.01 for under 7% of pages

Our online service scans around 200,000 pages each month - these are often new sites in development. Around 30% of pages scanned  in December 2012 use the HTML 5 doctype, but of these only half (or 15% of the total scanned) use new HTML 5 elements and attributes (things like <footer> and <input required>). The XHTML 1.0 and 1.1 document types (the previous versions of HTML) accounts for just under 50% of pages scanned.

Key takeaways

HTML 5 use is increasing steadily and is likely to accelerate as it nears full recommendation status.




First posted Dec 2012