SortSite - Browser Compatibility Tests

Test a Site

Supported Standards

Test for browser compatibility issues in the most common web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer compatibility back to version 6.0
  • Desktop browser compatibility in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera
  • Mobile browser compatibility in iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry

Cross Browser Testing

SortSite Professional checks websites for features that don't work correctly, or behave differently, on different browsers:

  • HTML tags that don't function correctly on all browsers
  • CSS features that don't function correctly on all browsers
  • Vendor specific HTML and JavaScript
  • Image formats not supported by all browsers (e.g. transparent PNGs don't work on IE6)
  • Technologies not supported by some browsers (e.g. Flash on iPhone and BlackBerry)

These checks give early warning of browser compatibility problems without the associated cost of manual testing on different platform and browser combinations.


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