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One-Click Website Testing

SortSite checks any website for broken links, spelling errors, browser compatibility, accessibility, web standards validation and search engine issues.

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SortSite finds pages that are unusable by people with disabilities. It checks entire websites against W3 WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0 and US Section 508 accessibility standards.

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Find Broken Links

SortSite finds broken links and missing images in HTML, PDF, CSS, Flash and Microsoft Office documents.

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Test Browser Compatibility

SortSite scans websites for browser compatibility issues in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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Build Visual Site Maps

PowerMapper automatically generates visual site maps and XML search engine sitemaps.

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Web site errors


Scans entire websites for quality issues using more than 700 standards-based checkpoints.

Find broken links, accessibility problems, browser compatibility issues, search engine guideline violations, invalid HTML and spelling errors.

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Automatically create visual site maps and XML sitemaps.

The leading web site mapper and sitemap generator for information architects and web developers.

About PowerMapper

About Us

PowerMapper Software makes easy-to-use tools for mapping, testing and analyzing web sites.

Our website analysis tools are used in more than 50 countries by some of the world's largest organizations. Our customers include Boeing, NASA, Bank of America, IBM, Shell and McCann Erickson.


Free support options available to all customers include:

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Test a Website

Test websites for accessibility, broken links, browser compatibility, SEO and over 700 quality issues.

Build a Sitemap

Generate visual site maps automatically.