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PowerMapper 4.12: export to PNG and HTML

Posted by Mark Rogers on Apr 30, 2008 | 


We released PowerMapper 4.12, the latest release of our site mapping tool, a couple of weeks ago, with some long overdue features: Export maps as HTML Export maps as PNG (useful for using maps in reports/presentations) Excel Site Report (useful for information architecture/site redesign) SortSite 2.04, our link checking and web site testing product was released at the same time and also has a new HTML export option.


SortSite 2.03: export reports to Word

Posted by Mark Rogers on Mar 13, 2008 | 


We've just released SortSite 2.03 with a feature many of you have been asking for: export to Word RTF. RTF is supported by all major word processors, including Word and OpenOffice. This allows you to add value to the reports by exporting them, then editing them in Word to add your own logo and executive summary. You can then print or PDF them before presenting them to your customers.