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Usability disasters

Posted by Mark Rogers on Nov 11, 2010 | 


Today is World Usability Day, so I’m going to talk about some famous usability disasters. As web developers we’re lucky - our usability shortcomings almost never kill anyone. Some famous examples of fatal usability problems include: The Airbus 320 crash in Jan 1992 was partly caused by a mode switch in the wrong position. The mode switch changed the meaning of descent rate numbers entered into the autopilot and was toggled by a small switch in a large bank of other switches.


Release: SortSite 2.0

Posted by Mark Rogers on Jan 9, 2008 | 


I've not posted many entries over the last couple of months because we've been busy getting SortSite 2.0 ready to ship. SortSite is a link checking and web site testing tool. The 2.0 release contains a bunch of new features, but my three favorites are: Issue Maps, which show how errors are distributed across your site Inventories, which show all pages, images, CSS and JavaScript files used on your site