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Scanning large sites in Enterprise Edition TN-W20

Enterprise Edition scans are limited by the license type:

Memory limits may also come into play:

For sitemaps the maximum number of pages that can be reported is 50,000 on a 50k license. One sitemap report (Excel Link Report) lists each link on every page, so this report can become very large if each page has a large number of links (a 300MB CSV file is not uncommon)

For scan reports the maximum number of issues and lines reported is controlled by these settings in Edit Scan:

There are a fixed number of rules (around 1,200) for checking accessibility and browser compatibility, but these rules are added to by HTML validation because a rule is created for each unknown element: «Element XYZ not allowed as child element».

Coding errors like this:


which has a missing space and should read:

 <a data-FFE4='FFED'>
 <a data-D5FE='AAC4'>

can result in large amounts of memory used due to a rule being created for each unknown element:

This problem is rare, but if it happens turning off HTML validation (Edit Scan->Standards) will greatly reduce the amount of memory used.

Applies To: Enterprise Edition 2016.1 or later

Last Reviewed: October 31, 2017