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Scanning Angular.js sites TN-W18

SortSite can scan sites created with Angular and similar JavaScript frameworks if:

  1. The site uses routing URLs beginning with punctuation like #/view1 or #!/view1. It still treats URLs like #skip_to_content as on-page links within the same document, which is needed for skip links.

  2. The JavaScript DOM Changes setting is changed to All Changes. On Windows this is View menu->Options->Links. On Mac this is Scan Options->Links. In OnDemand and Enterprise edition this is in Edit Scan->Links.

You can test this on the following Angular sample which changes view when you click on the links:


The links in this are automatically followed and scanned, and the Pages tab of the report shows Angular views loaded on pages like:

Note: Reporting in SortSite is based around URLs. If routing links load views, but don’t change the URL, then all results are reported on a single page.

Applies To: SortSite Desktop 5.10 or later, Enterprise 2018.1 or later and OnDemand

Last Reviewed: September 13, 2018