How does the update functionality work TN-Q11

Updates are monitored using the ‘Update Watch’ panel on the application’s welcome page. The update watch panel is an HTML iframe page on

When an update is available, and the user has a Support and Maintenance Contract, a download link appears in Update Watch panel allowing the user to download and install. Updates are not automatic since many customers are in configuration controlled testing environments.

In general, this should not need special firewall or proxy setup, since all traffic is on port 443 (https).

Upgrade eligibility is determined by the user’s serial number, which is added to the URL of the update watch panel - it looks like this:

On Windows, the application can be installed as a per-user installation without administrator rights (assuming your local group policy allows that). Support can supply a direct download link to customers with support contracts if they need to bypass this mechanism.

See Also: How to download maintenance releases - TN-Q10

Applies To: PowerMapper 5.0 and SortSite 4.0 or later

Last Reviewed: February 12, 2020