Which web view does the desktop version use TN-O14

The desktop applications use the platform web view supplied by the operating system to display web sites being scanned and to display scan reports and site maps.

Note: the scanning engine is independent of the web view used to display web sites.


SortSite and PowerMapper desktop apps use WebKit (WKWebView) on macOS.


Windows has 2 web views:

  • MsHtml is the legacy web view which uses the Trident browser engine
  • Edge WebView2 is a replacement for MsHtml which is based on the Chromium browser engine, and was released at the end of 2020

SortSite 6 and later, or PowerMapper 6 and later, use WebView2 if it’s installed, otherwise they use MsHtml. SortSite 5 and earlier, or PowerMapper 5 and earlier, always use MsHtml.

WebView2 is installed by default on Windows 11, but is currently an optional component of Windows 10. You can download WebView2 from microsoft.com.

The web view used by the app is displayed in the About window on the Help menu.

Applies To: PowerMapper, SortSite and Desktop Suite

Last Reviewed: Feb 6, 2023