Why are links in drop down boxes not found TN-M24

The program optionally looks for links in JavaScript tags - this is controlled by the JavaScript setting in the Links page of the Options window. When this setting is turned on any strings assigned to location objects are treated as URLs. For example:

function GoTo()
  parent.bigframe.location.href = "bigframe1.htm";

<a href="url1.htm" onClick="parent.bigframe.location.href = 'url2.htm'">
In the first example "bigframe1.htm" is extracted, and in the second "url1.htm" and "url2.htm" are extracted.

See also : TN-M13 Why don't links in Java applets or JavaScript show up

Applies To: PowerMapper 4.0 or later; SortSite 1.0 or later

Last Reviewed: Feb 11, 2015