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Message says map too wide or too high TN-M22

This FAQ answer is obsolete but preserved for historical interest.

PowerMapper drops pages from some graphical map styles to keep the images a sensible width and height. Images wider than 2950 pixels cannot be displayed by Internet Explorer.

The pages are not actually deleted, they are just not displayed in the map on the right-hand side of the PowerMapper window but they are still available in the structure view. Unticking the check box next to the page in the structure view can reduce the number of pages that PowerMapper draws on the site map. This allows you to choose which pages to drop from the map, rather than PowerMapper automatically dropping some.

The following styles never drop pages:

* only available in Professional edition

To change the map style, click the "Style" button on the toolbar once mapping has completed.

Applies To: PowerMapper 4.0 and earlier

Last Reviewed: Feb 11, 2015