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I run out of disk space or virtual memory during mapping TN-M15

This FAQ answer is obsolete but preserved for historical interest.

Each page and graphic displayed by PowerMapper is cached in the Temporary Internet Files folder located in under the Documents and Settings folder. This often means the entire site you're mapping ends up in the cache, which in turn swallows up lot of disk space.

Internet Explorer lets you set the cache size in the Internet Options window - the Temporary Internet Files Settings command lets you change this.

If you run out of disk space then Windows will start complaining about virtual memory being full. If this happens during mapping go to the Advanced tab of the Internet Control Panel, then select the Temporary Internet files Settings button. In the Settings dialogue select the Empty Folder button to clear the cache (this can take a long time if it contains a lot of files). Once you've done this mapping should continue as normal.

Applies To: PowerMapper 2.0 and earlier

Last Reviewed: Feb 11, 2015