Scanning password protected pages TN-M14

You can scan password protected sites in all Desktop editions, but not in the OnDemand (cloud) edition.

Sites using forms authentication

To map a password protected site in SortSite Desktop 1.0 or PowerMapper Desktop 4.02 and later:

  1. Login to the site in the usual way (either via a login page or the popup password dialog)
  2. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the page you want to start scanning from (usually the page shown after login, or the home page of the site) then map or check your site

Note: If you have a logout link inside the secure area, then the scanner may be logged out if it follows the logout link, preventing a full scan of the password protected area. To prevent this happening go to Blocked Links on the Blocks tab of the Options window and add something like the following:


This stops the scanner following links with ’logout’ in the URL.

Sites using Windows authentication or HTTP authentication

To map a site (typically an intranet or internal web application) that uses Windows Integrated Authentication or HTTP Authentication:

  1. Go to Options on the View menu, go to the Links tab, and make sure the Automatic Login box is checked (this option is not present and always set in SortSite 3.0 and PowerMapper 5.01 and earlier)
  2. Now navigate to the page you want to start scanning from then map or check your site

Note: do not scan sites using Windows Authentication if you have administrator rights, and if following any of the links on the site can trigger side-effects such as hiding content.

Applies To: PowerMapper Desktop 4.0 and SortSite Desktop 1.0 or above

Last Reviewed: February 5, 2020