Why don’t links in JavaScript show up TN-M13

The program optionally looks for links in JavaScript - this is controlled by the JavaScript setting in the Links page of the Options window. When this setting is turned on any strings assigned to location objects are treated as URLs, and links created by Mustache templates and frameworks like AngularJS are evaluated.

Example 1

function Navigate() 
	parent.bigframe.location.href = "bigframe1.html";

Example 2

<a href="url1.html" onclick="parent.bigframe.location.href = 'url2.html'">

In the first example bigframe1.html is extracted, and in the second url1.html and url2.html are extracted.

See also:

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Applies to: PowerMapper 2.0 or later; SortSite 1.0 or later

Last reviewed: May 14, 2016