SortSite Desktop - Standard Edition

SortSite Standard is an easy to use desktop tool for web developers that follows all links on a web site and produces a single unified report of all site quality issues.

Many companies use an assortment of on-line tools to check web sites for quality issues, but these suffer from three major problems:

  • These tools can’t reach the site if it’s still in development or behind a firewall
  • They only check single pages
  • Combining the results into a single report is difficult
SortSite Standard features and benefits
Accessibility CheckingTest sites against WCAG 2 and Section 508 accessibility standards
Error CheckingFind broken links, missing anchors and spelling errors
Browser CompatibilityFind pages that don't work on all browsers
W3C Standards Validation Validate entire site for compliance with HTML, XHTML, Math ML, SVG, SMIL and CSS standards
DashboardCompare your site with against industry sector benchmarks and track issues over time