keygen element has very limited support Browser Compatibility Check


The keygen element is obsolete and has been removed from most browsers.


The keygen element is now marked as obsolete in the HTML standard and has been removed from most browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

Applicable standards

Change history

  • 5.35 Oct 2019 Now fires for Firefox - keygen was removed in Firefox 69.
  • 5.25 Apr 2017 Now fires for Chrome and Opera - keygen was removed in Chrome 57.
  • 5.10 Oct 2015 Now fires for Edge.
  • 5.2 May 2013 Now detects lack of KEYGEN support in Internet Explorer.
  • 4.7 Jun 2012 No longer reports KEYGEN as non-standard, since now standardized in HTML5.
  • 2.0 Dec 2007 Added.

This page describes a web site issue detected in HTML documents by SortSite Desktop and OnDemand Suite.

Rule ID: BugNonStdKeygen