PDF graphic has no accessible name Accessibility Checkpoint


Figures and images in PDF documents should have non blank ALT text, except for decorative images which should be marked as artifacts.


Each image should have an ALT attribute describing the picture, which screen readers can read aloud. See PDF Techniques for WCAG: Text Alternatives.

Applicable standards

Note: Section 508 Refresh (2017) checkpoints are equivalent to WCAG 2.0 level A and level AA checkpoints.

Change history

  • 5.31 Nov 2018 Changed rule ID from AccWcag1-1.1.16 to AccPdfImgAltMissing.
  • 5.10 Oct 2015 Updated for Matterhorn Protocol 1.02.
  • 5.3 Sep 2013 Handle PDF /Artifact tag.
  • 4.4 Aug 2011 Ignore decorative images outside PDF text flow.
  • 4.0 Jun 2010 Don’t fire on PDF background and decorative images.
  • 4.0 Jun 2010 Added.

This page describes a web site issue detected in PDF documents by SortSite Desktop and OnDemand Suite.

Rule ID: AccPdfImgAltMissing