Timed HTTP page redirect Accessibility Checkpoint


Do not use the Refresh HTTP header to redirect pages after a pause because this confuses users.


Some people, including screen reader users, won’t have time to read the page before it redirects unexpectedly.

Applicable standards

Note: Section 508 Refresh (2017) checkpoints are equivalent to WCAG 2.0 level A and level AA checkpoints.

Change history

  • 5.36 Jan 2020 Aligned with meta element redirect rule. Changed rule ID from AccWcag2-F58-1 to AccHttpRedirect.
  • 4.7 Jun 2012 Now triggers Section 508 1194.22 (p).
  • 3.0 Dec 2008 Added.

This page describes a web site issue detected in HTML documents by SortSite Desktop and OnDemand Suite.

Rule ID: AccHttpRedirect