button image must have alt Accessibility Checkpoint


button elements containing only an img must have an alt attribute on the img.


Add an alt attribute describing the button action, or use alt="" with an aria-label on the button element.

Applicable standards

Note: Section 508 Refresh (2017) checkpoints are equivalent to WCAG 2.0 level A and level AA checkpoints.

Change history

  • 5.39 Nov 2020 Fixed false positive.
  • 5.38 Jul 2020 Improved detection. Changed rule ID from AccWcag1-1.1.17 to AccButtonImgNoAccName.
  • 5.9 Jun 2015 Detect non-standard image tag.
  • 5.7 Dec 2014 Updated to reflect compatibility with common screen readers.
  • 5.5 May 2014 Updated to April 2014 version of Techniques for WCAG 2.0.
  • 5.3 Sep 2013 Added.

This page describes a web site issue detected in HTML documents by SortSite Desktop and OnDemand Suite.

Rule ID: AccButtonImgNoAccName