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University of Cambridge

SortSite is a very good testing tool. It will test all pages it finds on the site.

North Carolina State University

This tool will scan a single or page or an entire site to test conformance with WCAG 2. Whereas the strength of most of the tools on this page is their depth of analysis, SortSite's strength is its breadth. This tool will test for many of the issues other tools do, but it will also find some issues that other tools don't cover. The other strength of this tool is the ability to scan an entire site, including password protected pages.

Christopher Angus, Warlock Media

Finding the Sort Site tool has saved my company countless man hours, not to mention the money that we would have wasted compiling site audits manually. Sort Site does what would take a week in a number of hours and then displays the errors and corrective action in a easy to understand report. I highly recommend Sort Site to any serious Search Engine Marketer.


This simple test works very similarly to the desktop browser test, but gives much more useful data than just a screenshot. The "SortSite" test checks accessibility, broken links, browser code compatibility, search engine optimization and other usability issues...

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