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SortSite Manual Form Replayer

SortSite scans sites by following links to find new pages to scan (anything you can get to by clicking links) but some pages require user input to display. Examples include:

SortSite Professional can record form actions, for automatic replay during subsequent scans. This lets you test parts of sites not reachable by links.

Note: this feature should be used with caution, since some forms may have undesirable side effects when the form is submitted. Examples include:

Recording form actions

To record a form action:

  1. Navigate to the page containing the form you want to record.
  2. Select Record Form Input from the Check menu to start recording.
  3. Type your test values into your form and submit it.
  4. Select Record Form Input again to stop recording. The form action will be replayed next time this page is visited during a scan.

To review, pause or delete recorded form actions:



Replaying form actions

Once recorded, form actions are replayed automatically each time the page containing the form is visited during subsequent scans.

Note that SortSite Standard doesn’t provide a record and replay facility.