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Jenkins Integration SortSite Developer Manual

To test build outputs using SortSite Developer with Jenkins:

  1. Make sure the built app or site is available via HTTP server (e.g. http://localhost/output or http://your-staging/ )
  2. Create a configuration file setting ProcessURL to the build output URL setup in the previous step
  3. To flag a build failure when any issues are detected, set the ExpectedResults element in the XML configuration file
  4. In Jenkins, create an Execute Shell task as the last build step to run SortSiteCmd.exe passing the path of the XML configuration file, using a script similar to this:

    "c:\Program Files (x86)\PowerMapper Software\SortSite 5\SortSiteCmd.exe" C:\Projects\SortSite.ssconfig
    /Applications/SortSite.app/Contents/MacOS/SortSiteCmd /Projects/SortSite.ssconfig

Note: If you install Jenkins as a Windows service, it defaults to running under the Local System account.

This may cause problems if you need to access user-profile specific settings, such as self-signed certificates or recorded forms. Form replays recorded by the desktop app will only work when the command line tool is run using the same user account as the desktop app (because the replay data is encrypted using the user account’s DPAPI encryption key).

In general, only critical Windows services (and not Jenkins) should run under the Local System account, because it has a very high privilege level.