SortSite Desktop - Developer Edition

SortSite Developer Edition is aimed at software engineers, and contains 2 executables:

  • A desktop application, identical to SortSite Professional
  • A command line tool designed for integration into continuous integration (CI) systems like Jenkins

How it works

Developer Edition provides a command line tool called SortSiteCmd, which produces the same reports as the SortSite desktop application.

The command line interface allows it be used in:

  • Continuous integration tools like Jenkins
  • Build tools like Apache Ant and MSBuild

The command line takes one parameter: the name of a configuration file describing the site to scan:

    SortSiteCmd Test.config

The configuration file lets you specify the number of issues expected in your app. If the scan finds a different number of issues, a non-zero exit code is returned. This lets you start scanning a site with many issues, but flag failure each time a regression occurs, and gradually reduce the expected error count as issues are fixed.