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SortSite - Web Standards Checks

Test a Site

Supported Standards

SortSite is a web standards validator for any web site.

  • W3C HTML / CSS standards validation
  • Check for W3C WCAG accessibility standards
  • Check for vendor-specific tags, attributes and JavaScript
  • Check for HTML / CSS which triggers browser bugs
  • Works on intranet/staging sites behind a firewall
  • Checks entire site - not restricted to single pages like W3C validator

Web Site Validator

SortSite enforces web standards by:

  • Validating every page on a site against W3C HTML / XHTML standards using the same technology as the W3C validator
  • Checking against W3C WCAG accessibility standards
  • Finding valid, but deprecated, HTML / XHTML tags and attributes
  • Finding vendor specific tags, attributes and JavaScript (Professional edition only)
  • Finding HTML / CSS features that trigger bugs in major browsers (Professional edition only)
  • Checking against search engine content guidelines to ensure your site has optimum search rank (Professional edition only)

To aid enforcement SortSite tracks issue counts over time using a dashboard which drills down to individual errors and lines of code.


SortSite report screenshot showing issue summary