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PowerMapper Desktop Reviews and mentions

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Oh wow, I need to start using PowerMapper Desktop to automate and visualize site mapping. #datavisualisation #nngux Screenshot of site map

— Tim Broadwater (@tim_broadwater) May 2, 2016

Now THIS is a great way to view a sitemap! Thanks for building a great tool PowerMapper! pic.twitter.com/MahTRdsIF5

— Rodrigo Stockebrand (@spanglishseo) June 3, 2015

@DigitalClasses been using power mapper to auto generate visual site architecture and it is a fantastic tool. Handles 10k+ pages easily.

— Mark Samber (@Mark_Samber) September 13, 2013

Powermapper is spectacular for showing clients the structure of their site without the need for a spreadsheet #ReceptionalTip

— Receptional (@Receptional) July 31, 2013


There are lots of good tools out there to generate sitemaps, but this tool creates 2D & 3D visual sitemaps for you – which is really powerful when trying to understand how crawlers navigate your site, or explain to a client the architectural issues a site maybe facing. PeteCampbell.com
This has to be one of the best tools I have ever used within an SEO project. PowerMapper creates visual sitemaps of website so that you can have a complete visual view of the structure of a website. WowInternet.com
Easy to use, terrific site mapping tool for mapping existing sites or skeleton sites in the process, online or offline. A variety of mapping styles available. Standard and professional versions. Now does Google sitemaps, too. Highly recommended by WebsiteTips.com. WebSiteTips.com
Creating site maps and link checking seem to be part of every Internet engineer's task list. PowerMapper Professional 4.0 gives you a simple way to spider your sites (check for bad links) and produce nice-looking visual reports of your site's structure. Microsoft TechNet Magazine
Generating this kind of map of an existing site should be the first step anyone takes when redesigning a site. Steve Krug, Author "Don't Make Me Think"
PowerMapper, its Windows utility for Web designers, has just one function -- creating interactive Web-site maps -- but does that job quickly and very well. InfoWorld
PowerMapper focuses on just creating site maps. And it does it very well. Byte