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HTML Sitemaps

Map a Site

HTML sitemaps are used as a navigation aid for site visitors. They're used in the same way as a site search engine - when users can't find something in the main navigation they turn to secondary aids like site maps.

PowerMapper is an HTML sitemap generator which excels at reverse-engineering sitemaps from existing websites. It scans all a site's pages, capturing thumbnails and meta data for each page, then draws these on a map.

Tree View

This sitemap displays an expanding/contracting table of contents like Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder.

HTML Sitemap - Tree View Map Style

Table of Contents

This map displays a list of pages similar to a book's table of contents.

HTML Sitemap - Table of Contents Map Style


This text-only map displays page titles in a table grid.

HTML Sitemap - TableMap Style


This text-only map displays page titles in a portal-style directory.

HTML Sitemap - TableMap Style

More Information

For more information about PowerMapper, our one-click site mapping tool: