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End User License Agreement


The copyright in the software program ("the Software") belongs to PowerMapper Software Limited.

The customer is authorized to use the Software by:-

1.installing it into non-shared permanent memory and running it, using a single computer which is not a server; and

2.making and keeping one back-up copy.

Nothing else is authorized. No disassembling, no decompiling, no modifying, no lending, no hiring or renting, no subauthorising. Nothing! But legal rights from Directive 91/250/EEC are unaffected.

The customer may transfer its rights (on the terms and conditions set out above and below) to use the Software, provided the customer has not retained any loaded or installed or downloaded copies at all.


Computer programs are complex and rarely completely error free. PowerMapper Software Limited warrants that it can give the authorizations set out above and that the Software will perform substantially in accordance with any documentation furnished with it. PowerMapper Software Limited excludes and disclaims all other liabilities except of death and personal injury. The remedy for failure to perform is limited to repair or replacement of the Software or, at PowerMapper Software Limited's choice, payment of the amount of the purchase price. Requests for repair or replacement must be made within a period of 90 days from the date when the Software was bought and paid for (as proved by the sales receipt).


PowerMapper Software Limited excludes liability for damages for loss of information, loss of business, interruption of business, or for anything else (except death or personal injury or breach of the limited warranty given above).


No person may export the Software in violation of any United Kingdom or European Union law or of the law of any other country or entity claiming the right to prohibit such export (unless compliance with the claiming country's or entity's law is itself illegal).


No unauthorized use shall be made of the Software contrary to law anywhere. All matters involving PowerMapper Software Limited and relating to the Software are governed by the law of Scotland and disputes are submitted to the Scottish courts only. By using the Software a person agrees to all the above.