Accessibility Products

Desktop Suite - Website Testing and Visual Sitemaps

Mac Windows
Jun 13, 2024

Reach your accessibility goals with our integrated desktop solution for Windows and Mac. This package includes both SortSite and PowerMapper. Combine automated web testing with visually identifying weak areas to unlock your site’s full potential.

OnDemand Suite - Website Testing and Visual Sitemaps

Jun 13, 2024

Check your site against 1300 standards-based checkpoints and create sitemaps with no installation required. OnDemand Suite includes cloud-based versions of SortSite and PowerMapper to deliver flexible, comprehensive accessibility solutions for your team.

SortSite - Web Accessibility and Link Checker

Mac Windows
Jun 13, 2024

Ignite your accessibility journey with our leading one-click web testing tool. Scan your site for issues against W3, WCAG 2.0 + 2.1, and US Section 508 accessibility standards. Plus, check for problems such as broken links, spelling errors, browser compatibility, web standards, and SEO issues.

Enterprise Suite - Website Testing and Visual Sitemaps

Windows Server
Jan 3, 2023

Demo Request Buy Now Summary Enterprise Suite is an easy to use on-premise web application that contains server based versions of the following applications: SortSite for web site testing PowerMapper for creating visual site maps Server Platform: Windows 2008 R2 or later Client Platform: any device with a web browser (Windows, Mac, Linux, Tablet) Use: inside and outside firewall, including intranets and development sites Web Site Testing One click is all it takes to analyze an entire web site.