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Eden Project Case Study

Status: Draft

Organization Profile

The Eden Project is one of the UK's leading tourist attractions. Over one million visitors each year come to see the gardens, biomes and iconic architecture.

The biomes are the largest conservatories in the world: one contains a steamy tropical rainforest; the other an arid Mediterranean environment.

Business Problem

As a charitable trust, the Eden Project is committed to creating equality of website access and experience for all people, regardless of age, disability or background.

Like many other organizations they continually change their site: adding regular events and seasonal promotions, as well as doing major re-designs every few years. They needed a quick way to find accessibility issues and other quality problems after making changes, but found manual testing very time consuming.


The solution they chose was SortSite, which automatically scans their websites and tests every page for quality issues:

The hours previously spent testing and re-testing websites was reduced to a few minutes.

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