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Become Interactive Case Study

Organization Profile

Become Interactive is one of Scotland's leading digital agencies. Since 2001 their dedicated and experienced team has delivered great work for clients such as Akzo Nobel, Bank of Scotland, Warner Bros and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

They offer a range of digital services including online stores, branding and e-mail marketing using their Ignite website platform.

Business Problem

Like most digital agencies they produce standards compliant websites, but find page-at-a-time online tools painful to use on all but the smallest websites. Even minor changes, or their customers uploading new content, meant manually re-testing every page.


The solution they chose was SortSite, which automatically scans their websites and tests every page for quality issues:

The hours previously spent testing and re-testing websites was reduced to a few minutes.

Our business has been crying out for a tool such as SortSite. Not only can we track the level of accessibility and usability of our sites as we build them, we can also include such reports in our sales proposals giving us a distinct advantage over our competitors.
James Wright, CTO, Become Interactive