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Edinburgh winter festivals

Posted by Mark Rogers on Nov 13, 2012 | 


The winter festival has just finished in Edinburgh. For 6 weeks, from the start of December to the start of January, the city centre streets come alive day and night with:


PowerMapper Software - roundup of 2010

Posted by Mark Rogers on Jan 22, 2011 | 


Here's a month-by-month review of the important events of 2010 for our company and customers: Jan - PowerMapper 5.0 Released PowerMapper 5.0 was released to support and maintenance customers. New features included: new map styles; analytics data import; data visualization; map notes. Feb - Management Buyout PowerMapper Software completed the acquisition of Electrum’s PowerMapper and SortSite product business as part of a management buyout (MBO). Mar - Draft of new Section 508 accessibility standards


New offices in Edinburgh

Posted by Mark Rogers on Oct 12, 2010 | 


We've just moved to new offices in Edinburgh in the rather stunning St Andrew Square. We spent a long time choosing offices since they had to match quite strict sustainability criteria: Easy access to public transport (the train station is 3 minutes walk, the bus station is the other side of the square, and the new tram system will run through the square) Accessible to wheelchair and low vision users (quite hard to find in Edinburgh which is full of very old buildings that are hard to make accessible) Energy efficient with recycling facilities (the office has recycling bins everywhere, with special bins for toner cartridges which go to a recycling charity) Plenty of space for future expansion The new offices fit the bill perfectly, with the bonus of a great view across to Edinburgh Castle.


Business of Software 2010

Posted by Mark Rogers on Oct 9, 2010 | 


Just back from the Business of Software Conference 2010. Met some interesting people and heard lots of great speakers, but two really stood out. Firstly, Derek Sivers, a musician who founded CD Baby, then sold it for $20 million and gave the money to charity. He set up the site to sell his band's CDs, then people from other unsigned bands asked him to sell their CDs as well. Fast forward 10 years and he's running a thriving business.


New blogging platform

Posted by Mark Rogers on Jun 8, 2010 | 


We've just switched this blog from Blogger to a self-hosted solution. Blogger was great, but we have more control over the look and feel of the new platform, which means better integration with the rest of the site.