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Volume Pricing

There are two types of desktop license:

Fixed Licenses

Purchases of 5 or more fixed licenses qualify for 20% volume discount. Fixed licenses operate on a per-user basis - each person using the software needs to buy a copy.

Fixed licenses are a good choice when you have a small team or team members will be running the software continuously.

Floating Licenses

Floating licenses allow installation on multiple Macs/PCs, as long the numbers of copies running at any one time does not exceed the number of floating licenses purchased.

For example, you can install a 5 user floating license on 20 different PCs as long as no more than 5 copies are running at any one time.

Floating licenses are a good choice when you have a large team that needs access to the software, but few team members will use the software at any one time.

Both types of license are available in our online store.