SortSite 5 now available

Dec 6, 2012

SortSite 5 is now generally available with over 700 quality checkpoints. New features in version 5 include:

  • Record and replay form actions (Professional version only)
  • Enhanced browser compatibility checks allowing ability to choose which browsers to check
  • Analyze and check changes made to pages by JavaScript
  • ARIA support
  • HTML5 validation
  • Performance improvements - twice as fast scanning some sites

Record form actions

SortSite Professional allows you to record form actions and replay them during scans to check the results of the form action. For example you can record typing into a search box, then replay this to check the search results page.  

Browser compatibility

The compatibility checks now let you specify which browsers to check, and have been updated to the latest browser versions including iOS 6 and Internet Explorer 10.

JavaScript changes

Changes made to the DOM by JavaScript can now be analyzed. For example, slideshows created by jQuery often have missing ALT text, and these can now be checked for accessibility problems. 

ARIA support

ARIA roles and attributes are now validated using the HTML5 ARIA rules.

HTML 5 validation

The W3 version of HTML5 can now be validated. The HTML5 specification is still at working draft stage, and subject to change, but is expected to reach full recommendation status in 2014. A large number of new rules have been added to support HTML5 validation - see the list of changed rules in SortSite 5.0.

Performance improvements

Scanning sites is now 2-3 times as fast as SortSite version 4. The performance gain is most noticeable on larger sites with lots of external links.

Other changes

Other changes include improved rendering in the embedded browser, and reduced memory consumption. See the SortSite Version History for a full list of changes.


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