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Christmas cards for people with limited vision

Posted by Pam Nairn on Dec 13, 2011 | 


Well, it’s that time of year again. While I consider myself one of life’s formidably organised Christmas present buyers (I started in August) I seem to fall sadly short when it comes to finding the time to write and post my Christmas cards.

I know that to many, card writing seems an outmoded way of sending Christmas greetings, but for many of my ageing relatives, some of whom now live alone, a hand written card arriving in the mail is still much appreciated. Besides, I still enjoy choosing the cards - I fancy I always find something pretty tasteful!

Recently, a close friend paid me a compliment which really cheered me. Her mother has very limited vision - she's been registered blind for as long as I’ve known her. When choosing her card, I’ve always made certain that the design is simple, bold and very colorful. To me that just makes common sense. Surprisingly, few others do, and my friend tells me that her mother always enjoys my card arriving in the mail - it’s one of the few she can see. 

Since accessibility plays a large part in what we do here, I was pleased to know that I was practicing what we preached. 




First posted Dec 2011