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Business of Software 2010

Posted by Mark Rogers on Oct 9, 2010 | 


Just back from the Business of Software Conference 2010. Met some interesting people and heard lots of great speakers, but two really stood out.

Firstly, Derek Sivers, a musician who founded CD Baby, then sold it for $20 million and gave the money to charity. He set up the site to sell his band's CDs, then people from other unsigned bands asked him to sell their CDs as well. Fast forward 10 years and he's running a thriving business. They say the best presentations are like stories, and Derek was a humane, engaging story teller.

Professor Youngme Moon, a Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School. She was a great speaker, but didn't let style get in the way of substance. Her thesis is companies striving to be the best at everything results in a world of identical products (new! faster! washes whiter!). If you can't tell the difference between brands of toothpaste, or the difference between phone companies, you'll understand her argument. She gave Google, Ikea and Apple as examples of companies that aren't afraid to be different, and stand out as a result. 


First posted Oct 2010