International Assistance Dog Week 2022

Happy International Assistance Dog Week! It’s that time of year to give our special helping hounds a big round of applause.

International Assistance Dog Week gives a massive thank you to all the dedicated service dogs that provide support for individuals with disabilities and other medical conditions as they navigate daily life. Here at PowerMapper, we would also like to give particular recognition to the trainers who dedicate so much time to training these dogs. We are so proud of everyone involved in the facilitation of these assistance dogs, who often have a transformative effect on the lives of those with disabilities, medical conditions and mental health issues.

After a little digging, we were also pleasantly surprised to find that these assistance dogs have a far more special connection to PowerMapper than we first realized. The first Scottish Guide Dog Center was based in Forfar, the hometown of our CEO, who grew up within earshot of the center and didn’t need an alarm clock because the dogs started barking at 6:00 AM every morning. The new Forfar Training Center has moved down the road slightly, where they now house specialist facilities that allow them to continue to do their incredible work. Guide dogs have been trained in Forfar for over fifty years, and it has been a pioneering location within the Scottish Guide Dog organisation.

This International Assistance Dog Week we would also like to make sure we give a massive paw of applause to all service dogs, currently in commission or retired. Alongside Guide dogs, we would also like to celebrate all the Psychiatric Assistance Dogs, Assistance Dogs for people with Autism, Emotional Support Dogs, Assistance Dogs for people with Chronic Pain and Therapy dogs that are changing lives, globally.

We’re extremely grateful to be a part of a dog friendly office, which means we get to see some of these committed dogs lending a helping paw on a daily basis!

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