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Analytics visualization with PowerMapper Pro 5

Posted by Mark Rogers on Jun 17, 2011 | 


One of the great new features in PowerMapper 5 is the ability to overlay data onto a sitemap. Here's an example using data imported from Google Analytics: 

Site map overlaid with Google Analytics data: page views; bounce rate and average time on site

To overlay data from Google Analytics:

  1. Go to the Top Content report for your site in Google Analytics
  2. Choose the Export option at the top of the page and choose CSV (this exports only the data shown on screen, which is 10 pages by default, so you may want to increases the number of rows displayed)
  3. Save the exported file somewhere on your PC
  4. Create a map of your site in PowerMapper Professional
  5. Select the Import command from the File menu
  6. Choose the file you saved at step 3

Note: not all of the map styles support data overlays - try the Electrum or Isometric map styles first

You're not restricted to Google Analytics - any data that can be exported to a CSV file can be overlaid onto a sitemap. This means you can export from other systems (e.g. Google Webmaster Tools) or make up your own spreadsheets of data you want to visualize. The key requirement is the exported data contains a URL in column 1 - this decides which page a row belongs to. The other columns can contain any numerical data (e.g. Hits, PageRank, Number of Inbound Links, Revenue Per Page)

This is just a flavor of what can be done - if you want a compelling way to visually present site data give the downloadable trial a spin today. 


First posted Feb 2011, updated Jun 2011